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Two decades of scientific research experience supports our clients:

Consulting, research, manuscripts, white papers, presentations, grant proposals, graphic design, posters, abstracts, continuing medical education/needs assessment, patient narratives and more.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • In-depth scientific research

  • Identification of optimal journals for publication

  • Manuscript formatting for publication

  • Figures/Tables

Sample Work

The Beehive Theory: Role of microorganisms in late sequelae of traumatic brain injury and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Medical Hypotheses July 2019; 128:1-5.

Dentometrics: A New Paradigm in Orthodontic Treatment-manuscript in progress for publication in Nature -2019

Galacto-Oligosaccharide RP-G28 Improves Clinical Outcomes in Lactose Intolerant Patients: Randomized Trial Results - manuscript in progress for publication in Gastroenterology- 2019

Stress and the Pathophysiology of Hair Loss- manuscript in progress for Journal of Dermatology - 2018

Leifer A, Barberio D,  "Direct Ingestion Method for Enhancing Production and Bioavailability of Resveratrol and other Phytoalexins in Vitis vinifera." Medical Hypothesis 2016; 88:1-5.

Bagley R, Yao M, Weber W, Barberio D, Teicher B. "Targeting the chemokine receptor CXCR4 and ligand SDF-1/CXCL12 in tumor vasculature and stroma." EJC Supplements 2006;4(12):22.

Morgenbesser SD, Dufault MR, St Martin TB, ... Barberio D, Teicher B. "Characterization of EGFL7 expression and function in tumorigenesis and angiogenesis." Proc Amer Assoc Cancer Res 2005; 46: Abstract 4675.

Husson H, Manavalan P, Akmaev VR,...Barberio D, Ibraghimov-Beskrovnay O. "New Insights into ADPKD molecular pathways using combination of SAGE and microarray technologies." Genomics 2004; 84(3):497-510.

Jan De Beur SM, Finnegan R, Vassiliadis J... Barberio D, Schiavi SC. "Tumors associated with oncogenic osteomalacia express genes important in bone and mineral metabolism." Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 2002; 17(6):1102-1110.

Shuber AP, Michalowsky LA, Nass GS, ... Barberio DM, Klinger KW. "High throughput parallel analysis of hundreds of patient samples for more than 100 mutations in multiple disease genes." Human Molecular Genetics 1997; 6(3):337-347.

Davidow LS, Barberio D, Cao J, McCormick I. "An improved fragile X Southern blot probe without the CGGs eliminates background bands." Molecular and Cellular Probes 1994; 8(3): 241-244.

Cao J, Tarleton J, Barberio D, Davidow LS. "A simple fragile X PCR assay with 7-deazaguanine-substituted DNA visualized by ethidium bromide." Molecular and Cellular Probes 1994; 8(2): 177-80.



Providing  poster abstracts and article abstracts.


Improvement of Clinical Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance with a Novel Prebiotic Galacto-oligosaccharide, RP-G28 - for Digestive Disease Week, Nov 2017

A Validated Tool for Assessing Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance and Defining Meaningful Patient Benefit - for Digestive Disease Week, Nov 2017

New Insights into the Pathophysiology of Hair Loss Trigger a Paradigm Shift in the Treatment Approach to Hair Loss,  Sept 2017


Dana ended up surpassing all my expectations and then some. This was a very difficult project that required intense research in many different fields of science. The article made it through the review process without any changes! I look forward to working with her again, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality, timely, and cost-effective work.
— June 2015, Ari Leifer. Peer-reviewed journal article.
A real professional making you comfortable and confident about what to expect. Also quite patient and understanding when you go through busy times. Looking forward to collaborating whenever possible! Thank you.
— April 2016, Aydin B. Peer-reviewed journal article.


  • In-depth research

  • Key concepts synthesized

  • Highlight and promote advances in your organization and research area

  • Graphic design/layout expertise


Antibiotic-Tolerant Persister Bacteria Contribute to Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome - for Global Lyme Alliance, April 2019

Safety and Efficacy of Medical Food Products for the Dietary Management of Diet-Induced Obesity: Preclinical Studies, 2018

Challenges and Opportunities in Specialty Pharmacy, May 2017

Strategies for Creating Flexibility in New and Legacy Biomanufacturing Facilities , July 2016

Achieving High Levels of Accuracy from Next Generation Sequencing Assays in Clinical Laboratories , Feb. 2017




  • Slide deck, lecture notes, graphics

  • Backed by 20 years of experience in delivering high impact presentations


Yondelis / Votrient Pharmaceutical Drug Comparison - for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Oct. 2015

Outbreak Investigation - for University of Alberta Department of Medicine, Sept. 2015

Medical Coding - Colitis and Crohn's Disease, 2015

Treatment Options for Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinema, Feb. 2015