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Dana Barberio,MS,Principal and Owner

Professional scientific writer with two decades of experience in leading and conducting scientific research in the biotech/pharmaceutical industries, providing professional writing and consulting on a diverse array of subjects.

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  • Seventeen years  leading research and development teams at Sanofi/Genzyme and Integrated Genetics and conducting research at Collaborative Research.

  • Research areas: drug mechanism of action, expression analysis, signal transduction, and development of novel diagnostic assays and protocols.

  • Four years as owner of Edge BioScience Communications, partnering with clients worldwide to deliver high impact content, conference coverage, research and consulting.

Specialties/Expertise and

Writing Experience

  • Biotech, oncology, microbiome, microbiology, genomics, systems biology, data science/Big Data/AI, infectious disease, rare disease, genetic diseases, immunology, inflammation, immuno-oncology, human nutrition, neuropsychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative disease, gastroenterology, cardiovascular disease, dermatology, metabolic diseases, scientific imaging, diagnostics and other topics.


Writing supported by a MS in Microbiology. Master's Thesis: "The physiological role of membrane-derived oligosaccharides in Escherichia coli".

Training in scientific writing, data science and systems biology, including 2013-15 Coursera coursework from Johns Hopkins University, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and University of Toronto.


DIverse Team members

We provide our clients support in scientific/medical writing, graphic design and grant proposal writing with access to professional scientific writers/consultants/graphic designers on an as-needed basis for individual and larger scope projects.

Dana is a wonderful consultant! She’s an expert in areas where I am not. She is professional, timely, and responsible, and she’s helped me with organizing, writing, and understanding various scientific topics. I highly recommend her!
— March 2016, Amber McCall, Assistant Professor at Augusta University. Research for a meta-analysis on epigenetics and neurological disorders.
Dana ended up surpassing all my expectations and then some.
— June 2015, Ari Leifer. Peer-reviewed journal article.

Our Clients include

  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals

  • Cambridge Healthtech Institute

  • SeraCare (in vitro diagnostics)

  • Ritter Pharmaceuticals (microbiome space)

  • Evelo Biosciences (microbiome space)

  • Median Technologies (clinical imaging- ICRO)

  • University of Alberta Department of Medicine

  • Hanson Wade