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Consulting, research, manuscripts, white papers, presentations, grants, graphic design, posters, abstracts, continuing medical education/needs assessment, patient narratives, promotional content, news articles, blogs, press releases, fliers, brochures, social media and more. Media partner/conference coverage.

Backed by

  • Two decades of scientific research and writing experience

  • MS in Microbiology, scientific writing from Stanford online, data analysis/AI/systems biology coursework

  • Extensive conference attendance

  • Extensive knowledge and training in the microbiome

Writing Samples

The Beehive Theory: Role of microorganisms in late sequelae of traumatic brain injury and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Medical Hypotheses July 2019; 128:1-5.

Galacto-Oligosaccharide RP-G28 Improves Clinical Outcomes in Lactose Intolerant Patients: Randomized Trial Results- manuscript in progress - 2019

Safety and Efficacy of Medical Food Products for the Dietary Management of Diet-Induced Obesity: Preclinical Studies - microbiome-focused whitepaper - 2018

The Pathophysiology of Hair Loss - manuscript (with microbiome content) in progress for publication - 2019

A Goldmine of Opportunity and a Wealth of Progress in the Microbiome Space - July 2017

Key Innovations in Microbiome Therapeutics: Translating the Science into the Clinic- Mar. 2017

Microbiome Therapeutics: Top Four Innovative Strategies by Industry Leaders - Nov. 2016

Driving Innovation in the Microbiome Space - Diagnostics World News, June 2, 2016

A Validated Tool for Assessing Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance and Defining Meaningful Patient Benefit - abstract for Digestive Disease Week - Nov. 2017


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I’m always very impressed with the quality and due diligence of the reports you have written for us in 2017 and believe you capture the information and energy of the event very well.
— Alexander Puttick, Senior Program Director, Microbiome Movement, Hanson Wade

Areas of Expertise/Experience

Microbiome therapeutics, probiotics, prebiotics, nutrition, medical foods, functional ingredients, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, infant gut microbiome, gut-brain axis, neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, role of immune system, and more.

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Social media coverage. Pre- and post-conference reports. Web content.


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Providing access to influencers, industry strategies and competitive insight in the microbiome space. Reports, conference coverage, consulting.