CUtting Edge COntent-DIverse Therapeutic Coverage

Welcome! We provide highly researched freelance scientific writing, medical writing and consulting services to clients worldwide. Our professional services cover a range of audiences, designed to resonate with the scientist, executive and/or layperson.

Providing coverage in biotechnology, oncology, microbiology/microbiome, genomics, systems biology, data science/Big Data/AI, infectious disease, rare disease, genetic diseases, immunology, inflammation, immuno-oncology, human nutrition, neuropsychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular disease, gastroenterology, dermatology, metabolic diseases, scientific imaging, diagnostics and other topics.

Large portfolio of highly researched content, including graphic design.


The quality of work is unparalleled, with a quick turnaround.
— Ryan Geswell
Dana ended up surpassing all my expectations and then some. This was a very difficult project that required intense research in many different fields of science.
— Ari Leifer
Her deep comprehension of science and her openness toward exploring new ideas make her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!
— R. Berry, Publisher, Founder

ABout us

Owner and principal Dana Barberio, MS has two decades of combined experience as a  scientific researcher in the biotech space and as a professional freelance scientific writer.  We provide our clients support with access to professional graphic designers and a team of scientific and medical writers/grant proposal writers/consultants with diverse expertise, as needed for individual and larger scope projects.



High Impact COntent Marketing

Showcase your company's unique products, science and technology with white papers, promotional content, news articles, blogs, press releases, fliers, brochures, graphic design, social media and more. Media partner/conference coverage.


HIghly Researched Scientific Writing

Consulting, research, manuscripts, white papers, presentations, grants, graphic design, posters, abstracts, continuing medical education/needs assessment, patient narratives and more.


Microbiome Expertise

Wide array of content covering the microbiome. Providing access to KOL expertise, industry strategies and competitive insight in the microbiome space. Media partner/conference coverage, consulting, clinical study expertise, manuscripts, white papers, scientific articles, content marketing, promotional content and more.