"The quality of work is unparalleled, with a quick turnaround."

June 2016, Ryan Geswell at Informa. Scientific conference white papers.


"Dana is a wonderful consultant! She's an expert in areas where I am not. She is professional, timely, and responsible, and she's helped me with organizing, writing, and understanding various scientific topics. I highly recommend her!"

March 2016, Amber McCall, Assistant Professor at Augusta University. Research for a meta-analysis on epigenetics and neurological disorders.


"Her deep comprehension of science and her openness toward exploring new ideas make her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!"

March 2016, Razi Ann Berry, Publisher, Founder at Naturopathic Doctor News & Review and NaturalPath. Blog writing.


"I highly recommend Dana for medical writing as she is able to communicate complex medical info for a lay audience. Dana is a great communicator and met deadlines without issue."

Feb 2016, Meghan Milewski at Terakeet. Web content.


"A real professional making you comfortable and confident about what to expect. Also quite patient and understanding when you go through busy times. Looking forward to collaborate whenever possible! Thank you."

April 2016, Aydin B. Peer-reviewed journal article.


"Dana ended up surpassing all my expectations and then some. This was a very difficult project that required intense research in many different fields of science. The article made it through the review process without any changes! I look forward to working with her again, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality, timely, and cost-effective work."

June 2015, Ari Leifer. Peer-reviewed journal article.


"Dana delivers on deadline and has a deep knowledge of nanotechnology and biotech. She is very detail-oriented and conscientious about her work in this space."

Jan 2015, Jenni Gritters. Editor at Upworthy. Blog writing for Medtech Boston.







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